Cord Blood

Uses, Benefits & Myths

Cord blood consists of red & white blood cells along with platelets just like normal blood but due to its natural ingredient, the stem cells, to developing the baby inside the womb and growth of hormones.
The richest and easiest way to obtain the stems cells from human body is from Cord blood. It can be uses for treatment for more than 80 diseases. The main trend of reached on stem cell to regenerate organs and transplant medicine along with many clinical trials.

“All heroes don't wear capes”

Many hopes are born every minute because a baby’s umbilical cord blood could save a life. Hundreds of critically ill patients with blood diseases like leukemia and lymphoma and effected immune system are in urgent need of a life-saving transplant.

Cord blood donation has no harm for you and your baby. No blood or stem is taken from the mother and the baby. It’s only taken from the useless umbilical cord itself after your baby is born which is always thrown after delivery.

80+ Diseases Treated

Cord Blood Matchings

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