Cord Blood Banking Reviews

How to decide

Should a new donor select the cord blood bank on the base of online reviews?
Simple answer is no. To justify our "No", a short brief is below.

Why NO to online reviews

As this is health service which may affect the quality of sample, donor must pick the state of art high quality bank for this purpose if he intend to choose the private bank. The following point should be considerable while choosing the private bank.

  1. Laboratory accreditation
  2. Staff training
  3. Upto mark equipment
  4. Financial stability

Donor must not rely on online consumer reviews as they are often written by paid content writers. And usually 3rd party sites are also rigged from fake reviews.

Donor/Parent must also ready Cord Blood Banking Cost and Cord Blood Banking Pros and Cons before final decision. Last but not the least, donor must be vigilant to select the private bank as they may “cash the fear” of parents.

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